Battlefield 2143 reveal coming next week, according to sources

The reveal of the highly anticipated game is imminent.

EA and developer DICE will finally reveal Battlefield 2143 next week, according to sources who are under NDAs (Non Disclosure Agreements). We’ve seen lots of tweets from people, including other developers, who have seen the game in action and claim it will be revealed next week. Continue reading “Battlefield 2143 reveal coming next week, according to sources”

EA to reveal Battlefield 2143 on June 12 at EA Play

The publisher’s event will take place at the same time as E3.

Publisher EA will finally reveal Battlefield 2143 in June at its EA play event, alongside some other games.

EA has announced that its EA Play event will take place on June 12-14 in Los Angeles, just across the street from E3. Since EA is skipping E3 this year, they will be hosting their own event, EA Play, which will be open to the general public (unlike E3). Continue reading “EA to reveal Battlefield 2143 on June 12 at EA Play”

No Battlefield 2143 at GDC 2016

EA breaks the tradition and doesn’t announce the new Battlefield game.

We hoped EA would have announced Battlefield 2143 at GDC 2016, but it didn’t happen. Unlike the two previous games in the series, the newest Battlefield game was not announced at the Game Developer’s Conference this year in San Francisco. Continue reading “No Battlefield 2143 at GDC 2016”

EA: Battlefield 2143 release date in the third quarter of 2016

EA says we should “assume” the next Battlefield game this Fall.

EA’s recent quarterly earnings call with investors solidified the Battlefield 2143 release date: the publisher confirmed that they plan to release the next Battlefield game, rumored to be Battlefield 2143, in the third quarter, just like previous games in the series.

CEO Andrew Wilson said that gamers should “assume that a Battlefield will come typically in the third quarter”, adding that this is when the company “normally” releases games in the series. Continue reading “EA: Battlefield 2143 release date in the third quarter of 2016”

EA confirms next Battlefield game will be released in 2016

Publisher will release the next game in the series this year.

During its latest quarterly earnings report, publisher EA confirmed that it will release the next Battlefield game later this year. It’s expected that the game will be Battlefield 2143, a sequel to 2006’s BF2142.


As with the last three Battlefield games, EA is expected to release Battlefield 2143 during the Fall, as most big games are released during that time.

We’re still in the dark about BF2143 and what it will bring to the table. For the last two games in the series, EA and developer DICE used the Game Developer’s Conference in March to announce and reveal the new games, with more details released at the following E3 trade show in Los Angeles.