Battlefield 2143 weapons

Battlefield 2143 weapons

The Battlefield 2143 weapons are expected to be futuristic just like the weapons in the predecessor, which was released 10 years ago. Battlefield 2143 weapons should include a wide array of pistols, rifles, carbines, sniper rifles, and rocket launchers against vehicles. Just like the previous game, a bunch of cool gadgets are expected to be available to players as well.

Types Battlefield 2143 weapons

Weapons in Battlefield 2143 are expected to vary from small firearms such as SMGs and pistols, to larger automatic rifles and machine guns, to rocket launchers designer to go up against vehicles.

Battlefield 2143 weapon unlocks

The previous game in the series was famous for its variety of weapon unlocks and customization options. For example, players could use different kinds of ammunition for certain weapons. Past games have offered a variety of customization options, such as scopes, suppressors, laser sights, and different camouflage patters for each weapon.