Battlefield 2143 DLC

Battlefield 2143 DLC

Battlefield 2143 DLC comprises of several expansions that add more content to the main game. The DLC in Battlefield 2143, also called downloadable content, usually consists of 4 maps, plus some extra weapons, vehicles, and game modes. This has been the standard for the last 2 games in the series, each of which have received 5 expansions over the course of their lifetime.

The Battlefield 2143 DLC is expected to comprise of a variety of expansions that add to the main game, from new settings and locations, to new game modes, and other content such as assignments, awards, and more.

Battlefield 2143 DLC list

We’ll update the full list of all Battlefield 2143 DLC as they are announced.

BF2143 DLC price

Just like other games in the series, each DLC is expected to cost $15. For Premium members, DLC will be free of charge, and usually includes one week early access.