Battlefield 2143 classes

Battlefield 2143 classes

There are four different Battlefield 2143 classes in the game, each class has its own advantages and disadvantages. The four classes in Battlefield 2143 are Assault, Recon, Engineer, and Support. Players can choose one class during spawn, and will stay in the same class until they respawn, or pick up another player’s kit on the battlefield.

Battlefield 2143 classes breakdown

Just like in BF2142, there will be a total of four Battlefield 2143 classes. Each class has its own primary weapon and gadget. For example, the Assault class carries a powerful assault rifle and its main gadget is a revive or medkit. The Engineer class carries a smaller primary weapon, but has the option of using powerful rocket launchers against vehicles.

List of Battlefield 2143 classes

There are 4 different classes in BF2143, just like in previous games in the series. The classes are:

  • Assault
  • Recon
  • Support
  • Engineer

Each class is tailored for a specific role on the battlefield, they are:

  • Assault: can heal and revive other players
  • Recon: can use sniper rifles, provide a mobile spawn point for teammates
  • Support: can resupply ammo to teammates
  • Engineer: can repair friendly vehicles and take out enemy vehicles

The Battlefield 2143 classes will have access to a variety of weapons, unlocks, and gadgets, some specific to their class, while other weapons can be used by any class (such as shotguns).