Battlefield 2143 beta

Battlefield 2143 beta

The Battlefield 2143 beta is expected to launch sometime in the late-Summer of 2016, a few months before release of the game, as has been the norm with previous games in the series.

Just like before, the Battlefield 2143 beta will be open to all players on all platforms, however, there might be some who get access to the beta earlier (usually those who have pre-ordered the game and/or who had Premium membership in the previous game in the series).

How to play the Battlefield 2143 beta

The BF2143 beta will be offered to all players on all platforms, just like previous games in the series. It’s expected that those who pre-ordered the game, or those who have Battlefield 4 Premium will get a head start on the beta for a few days. Normally the beta runs for about one week.

Battlefield 2143 beta features and dates

The beta will be limited to one or two Battlefield 2143 maps and a couple of game modes. In the past, betas have offered usually 2 maps and 2 game modes, most often Conquest and Rush.

The Battlefield 2143 beta will launch one or two months prior to the game’s launch, which is expected to be this Fall. This is usually enough time for developers to implement any changes and tweaks, and any bugs discovered in the beta.

bf 2143 beta