Battlefield 1 announced, Battlefield 2143 will have to wait

2143 will have to wait a few years as the next game is a World War 1 shooter.

EA has announced the newest Battlefield title, and unlike our sources previously indicated, it will not be Battlefield 2143. Instead, the new game goes back to World War 1, and will be named Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1 will feature an authentic WW1 setting, but will have some changes, such as 6 classes instead of 4, with 2 classes dedicated to vehicles. The game will be released on October 21, 2016 on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

What does this mean for Battlefield 2143? We’re still confident that we’ll see the game at some point, hopefully sooner than later.

Battlefield 1 announced, 2143 will have to wait

6 thoughts on “Battlefield 1 announced, Battlefield 2143 will have to wait”

  1. I’m gonna skip this battlefield like battlefield hardline. Still want future realism and no fantasy alien crap. titanfall2 will be a go! Rip battlefield2143 seems that dice is too busy competing with cod to be making epic games anymore.

    1. Well Michael, I think you’ll change your mind now that you can watch gameplay of Battlefield 1. It’s pretty epic. Look forward to it. Course I wouldn’t mind 2143 lol

  2. Still on the fence concerning battlefield 1. I like the gritty feel. But the tanks and guns look terrible. Tanks look like cardboard boxes and guns are like scrap metal lol. But it can look like anything aslong as it has the trademark battlefield sandbox gameplay I will still love it. Im a battlefield 2 veteran so I know the battleied magic. Unfortunately the changed the vehicle mechanics so you cant jump into a vehicle and drive it unles your a pilot. Ofcourse some weapons and maps will be locked unless you purchase season pass and complete assignments. This is ea dice now. But what about titanfall 2? With all future dlc free. Thats something you dont see nowday. I brought the vangaurd limited edition pre order. Just like that the developers are not splitting the community with map packs so gonna support them because they deserve it! Time will tell how this bf plays out. With most of bf community already gone. Its a completly new cash cow from ea and don’t think ithe series is getting any better

  3. Hi yes battlefield one looks great but i think they have missed out not doing another 2142 or at lest !!! you can down load the game from origin and theres no servers any more whats that all about is that so no new see how good the game was so it can die off ??

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