EA to officially reveal Battlefield 2143 on May 6th

The reveal is almost here.

EA has announced that it will officially reveal Battlefield 2143 on Friday, May 6th, as previous rumors suggested.

No details were given about the reveal, but the company did confirm that there will be a video trailer. Hopefully with lots gameplay footage.

Earlier today, Activision revealed the game that will go up against BF2143 this Fall: Call of Duty: Infinite Wafare. Which is also a sci-fi shooter. You can find a trailer of the game here.

Developer DICE has been working on the game for a while now, and it’s been rumored that it could be released on the Nintendo NX, which will launch in March 2017.

We’ll be here on Friday to cover the game’s reveal, and any rumors or reports that emerge before. There’s usually a little leak or two in the week before the announcement, so stay tuned!

We’re also expected the reveal to have some soft of news on the Battlefield 2143 beta, which should happen this Summer (as was the case with previous games in the series). And of course, maybe some Battlefield 2143 system requirements for PC players out there who are looking to upgrade their rigs.

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