Battlefield 2143 reveal coming next week, according to sources

The reveal of the highly anticipated game is imminent.

EA and developer DICE will finally reveal Battlefield 2143 next week, according to sources who are under NDAs (Non Disclosure Agreements). We’ve seen lots of tweets from people, including other developers, who have seen the game in action and claim it will be revealed next week.

It was originally expected that EA would reveal Battlefield 2143 at GDC like they did with the previous two games in the series, but that didn’t happen.

It always seemed that either EA would reveal the game at E3 in June, or at a separate announcement earlier, which makes more sense, as the game wouldn’t have to compete for attention with all the other big titles looking for press coverage at E3.

Coincidentally, Activision is also rumored to reveal the next Call of Duty game next week as well. That game is rumored to be called Call of Duty Infinite Warfare (via GameSpot).


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2 thoughts on “Battlefield 2143 reveal coming next week, according to sources”

  1. I am very excited for tomorrow, I remember playing 2142 when I was 8 years old, now 10 years later I can finally enjoy the same excitement once again.

  2. yeah… it would be so nice … i think lots of ppl will play this title as it was a 100% success and also will be a 100% success if battlefield 2143 will come to live. Im 100% sure this will be a success without any doubt

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