New rumor suggests Battlefield 2143 is coming to Nintendo NX

Nintendo’s new console might be getting the next Battlefield game.

There are a lot of rumors circulating about the upcoming Nintendo NX console, and one rumor now suggests that EA will bring Battlefield 2143 to Nintendo’s new console.

The Nintendo NX is rumored to be released this year, while EA has confirmed that Battlefield 2143 will be released this year. Neither products have officially been revealed to the public.

The rumor, coming from a supposed developer with access to the NX, was originally posted on Reddit, but its details were removed shortly after. We managed to get a screenshot of it:

battlefield 2143 nintendo nx

The rumor also reveals some supposed hardware specs of the NX, including 12 GB of RAM and a more powerful CPU and GPU than the PS4 and Xbox One.

If it’s a modern console with similar architecture as the other consoles on the market, it makes sense for DICE and EA to port the game to the NX.

DICE is working on the next Battlefield game right now, as we reported a few weeks ago.

EA and Nintendo are expected to reveal BF2143 and the NX at E3, respectively.

bf2143 nintendo nx

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