DICE is looking for play testers for new Battlefield game

If you’re in Stockholm, you can test the upcoming game.

It’s no secret that DICE is working on Battlefield 2143 right now and that it will be released in 2016. Recently, the Swedish developer posted an ad looking for local play testers to test an upcoming “shooter game”.

The ad, posted on the official EA play testing site, is looking for “Fans of shooter games age 18+”, which means that BF2143 will indeed follow in the footsteps of the other titles in the series and will be a mature game (no surprise there).

What makes us confident that this is a Battlefield 2143 play test session is that the only other game in development at DICE in Stockholm is Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, which has a PEGI 16 rating.

battlefield 2143 play test

Either way, we’re expecting DICE and EA to officially unveil the game at this year’s Game Developer’s Conference, which kicks off next Monday in San Francisco.

BF2143Blog will of course cover the news in detail next week. For more, you can check out new wiki, which has info on weapons, vehicles, maps, classes, DLC, and more. We’ll be adding more content to our Wiki as news becomes available.

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  1. I love the Battlefield series like Battlefield Vietnam and Battlefield 1942! Whenever Battlefield 1 comes out I will be playing it!

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