Developers at DICE Stockholm have moved on to Battlefield 2143 after Battlefront

Developers are moving on from Battlefront to work on the new BF game.

After Star Wars Battlefront shipped last year, some developers at the main DICE studio in Stockholm have moved on to work on Battlefield 2143 (or, “the next Battlefield game”, as they call it).

The news was recently broken by DICE developer David Vaderlind, who Tweeted that he finished up work on Battlefront and has moved to 2143. Since Battlefront is still being supported with new content and updates, it seems that the studio now has three games in active development: Star Wars Battlefront, Battlefield 2143, and the new Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. We previously reported that the developer is hiring level artists, possibly for 2143.

The office in Los Angeles, DICE LA, is so far only working on continued support of BF4, which was released almost two and a half years ago.

battlefield 2143 developer

EA has confirmed that Battlefield 2143 will be released in the third quarter of 2016. The publisher has also confirmed that the game will be “military themed”, meaning it won’t be a cop-vs-robbers styled game like Hardline.

So far details are sparse on the upcoming game, but we did see a substantial Battlefield 2143 leak, which included a bunch of details. Some plausible, some not.

Here’s David Vaderlind’s original Tweet:

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