DICE play tester claims info about Battlefield 2143

New leak claims 80 player servers, better Levolution, and much more.

A recent email from an alleged source of a play tester at DICE in Stockholm reveals a bunch of Battlefield 2143 details. The email (posted via screenshot on Twitter) goes into detail about the game, which reportedly was already in early stages of testing last year.

In the email, the play tester claims to have tested and played Battlefield 2143 at DICE. He claims that he played a map that reminded him of Operation Whiteout from BF4 with “multiple futuristic tents and turrets”, and vehicles that “reminded me of 2142”.

Here are some other tid bits from the supposed game:

  • Both the US and PAC side had hover tanks, and both had speed boosts.
  • A TOW missile that can explode in mid-air when the player pressed fire the second time.
  • The big Walkers are back, with dual 25mm cannons and TOW missiles.
  • There were small ATV vehicles.
  • The VTOL aircraft are back, both attack VTOLs and transport VTOL, just like in 2142.
  • A large “Amtrack” vehicle was also in the game, but they used the model from BF4 to test its gameplay.
  • Jets will also be in the game.
  • Finally, the source says there will be 6 classes in the game.

He also spoke about a map set in London which had Levolution, where a big tower could fall in 8 different directions and affect the gameplay much more than Levolution in BF4.

Furthermore, the tester claims that up to 80 players will be able to play, up from the current 64.

Some of this seems obvious, but we’re a bit more suspicious about the rest of the stuff, such as 80 players. We’d love 80 players in Battlefield 2143, but seeing as how the netcode was very strained with just 64 in BF4, we’re not holding our breaths for that one.

You can read the full email below:

Battlefield 2143 leak

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  1. I hope this is for real i enjoy playing Battlefield 2142 on online game. i put in many hours over 5,000 hrs.

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