The little hints that DICE left for Battlefield 2143 over the years

From little sci-fi drones to crates on Wake Island, to hover tanks in BF4.

Over the last several years and Battlefield games, developer DICE has left some hints at Battlefield 2143. The most obvious was a crate that literally had “2143” written on its side in the BF3 remake of the map Wake Island.

Another, even bigger hint happened later in BF3’s DLC “Final Stand”, where players could find a futuristic drone that looked very much like something that would be available in Battlefield 2143. Check out the video:

Then there was a hint in BF4 where players could spot a logo on the wall that read “Pan Asian Coalition”, or “PAC”, which was one of the two faction in 2142. See image below:

BF2143 teaser PAC

We have another hint at 2143, which was found as a message posted on a cargo container in BF4’s new jungle map. The message reads “fermé jusqu’a 2142”, translated, it means “closed until 2142”. See for yourself:

bf4 2143 hint

We have the most solid “proof”, the crate that had “2143” stenciled on its side, found on the Wake Island map in BF3:

The little hints that DICE left for Battlefield 2143 over the years

This isn’t the only crate that sports the 2143 designation. A crate found beneath the Rogue Transmission map in BF4 is also branded with the 2143 designation:


On top of all these hints, we have the last BF4 expansion which pretty much served as a prequel to 2142: the expansions newest vehicle was the hover tank which was featured in 2142.

These are just some of the hints that DICE left to us over the years, teasing Battlefield 2143. Or perhaps they were trolling us all along…

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