EA confirms next Battlefield game will be released in 2016

Publisher will release the next game in the series this year.

During its latest quarterly earnings report, publisher EA confirmed that it will release the next Battlefield game later this year. It’s expected that the game will be Battlefield 2143, a sequel to 2006’s BF2142.


As with the last three Battlefield games, EA is expected to release Battlefield 2143 during the Fall, as most big games are released during that time.

We’re still in the dark about BF2143 and what it will bring to the table. For the last two games in the series, EA and developer DICE used the Game Developer’s Conference in March to announce and reveal the new games, with more details released at the following E3 trade show in Los Angeles.

Teased Battlefield 2143 image is a confirmed fake

Image was faked by a Redditor.

Recently, an image made the rounds on the Internet depicting the opening screen of Battlefield 2143. However, it was later confirmed to be a fake, created by a Redditor to get himself some attention.

The image shows what appears to be the Battlefield 2143 logo, with the tag line “War is changing”. Continue reading “Teased Battlefield 2143 image is a confirmed fake”

DICE is hiring level artists for the next Battlefield game, possibly 2143

The developer is looking for the “next great level artist”.

After shipping Star Wars Battlefront, developer DICE has moved on to make the next Battlefield game, expected to be Battlefield 2143. The company recently posted a job offering for a level artist, which they call the “next great level artist”.

Star Wars Battlefront showed just what kind of amazing levels DICE is capable of, and we can only imagine just how much better levels will be in 2143. Continue reading “DICE is hiring level artists for the next Battlefield game, possibly 2143”